Commercial and corporate law

Legal due diligence, and consultations on the establishment and operation of commercial companies and legal entities under special laws

Law Firm Bachvarovi provides legal advice and complete legal services by preparing the necessary documentation, performing legal representation and registering in the relevant registers of:

  • newly established public and private companies, cooperatives, non-governmental organizations, non-profit legal entities;
  • assists the legal persons in the management and representation, in case of changes in the circumstances of the trading companies – preparation of meeting minutes, amendments to the constitutive acts, preparation of documents concerning the annual financial statements, assistance in negotiations and preparation of necessary documents for share transfer and commercial enterprise transfer;
  • appointment and dismissal of commercial companies’ representatives;
  • transformation of commercial companies;
  • dissolution and liquidation of commercial companies and legal entities under special laws.

Provides legal assistance and representation under different licensing regimes

Provides consultations, preparation of legal documentation and assistance in the conclusion of all types of commercial transactions

Supports participation in negotiations on the conclusion, amendment cancellation or termination of different types of contracts, unilateral transactions

Litigation and legal protection before all courts, special courts and arbitration tribunals in commercial matters

Judicial and out-of-court settlement and debt collection